The Josh Prinsky Page

You most likely found this page by doing a web search for Josh Prinsky.  So what is this? Nothing really.  I realized from my site logs that a lot of people seemed to search for "Josh Prinsky" on the web, and about the only thing it turned up was some old installment in my plan file

First of all, the Josh Prinsky I'm talking about was a physics undergrad at Carnegie Mellon University from 1992-1996.  According to my CMU "Freshman Pic Book 1992-93," he was from Brooklyn, NY.

That's about all I know about him.  I don't know where he is now or what he's doing.  Maybe you do, in which case you can email me at the address below and let me know.  It's not a great concern to me personally, but judging from the number of search engine hits, there are a number of people out there searching for some juicy Josh Prinsky info.  So maybe I can help them out.

In the meantime, let me tell you about Josh Prinsky.

I was also a physics undergrad at CMU during the same period, that's how I knew him.  At least back then, physics was not a big undergrad program at CMU; the class year was 15 people give or take.  So generally all of our core physics courses had the same group of people.  I don't want to suggest that I knew Josh well, in fact, I hardly knew him at all.  I just seem to be the only person who's mentioned him on my website.

I think Josh and I were partnered once or twice in the freshman physics lab class.  I still have all those old college papers, somewhere in the dark recesses, and will look it up someday.  I can go back and evaluate our work.

Although I didn't know him that well, I liked Josh more than most of our physics classmates.  Generally because our other physics classmates were a bunch of brownnosing loser dorks.

It's true, and I'll name names!  Andrea Santoro "the Red Explosion," Kurt Miller, Terence Rokop, and your ilk, come read what I have written about you! 

But Josh was not like them.  I suspect that Josh, like me, did not make a good academic.  He'd rather skateboard with Bob Bussell or something.  And yet, if I had to hire someone for my job, I'd hire Josh over any of those 4.0 dweebs I named up there any day.  Because for one thing, Josh would be able to deal with technicians, to speak to them in a language they could understand and would appreciate.  They would not loathe him.  And Josh would understand that what's important is getting the job done, answering the question, solving the problem...not understanding and marveling at and publishing every mathematical peculiarity.

But hey, that's just my impression of Josh from 10 years ago now.  For all I know he could be sleeping in a cardboard box right now.

Anyway, if you have any info on Joshua Prinsky, please drop me a line so I can help out anybody else who might be looking for him.

And better yet, if you ARE Josh Prinsky, you'll definitely want to drop me a line so you can do something about this page being the only search result for your name.

Cordially as always,

April 29, 2005