Net worth

I like to calculate my net worth from time to time.  Now I've decided to put this info on the web, so you can all see how I'm doing.

I am not an accountant.  I have no idea if this calculation resembles a formal calculation of net worth.  All I can say is that I have stayed consistent to my own method over time.  I only include assets and liabilities that have an exact, definite dollar value.  So the value of personal possessions, for instance, is not included.

The second chart shows the best-fit linear and exponential net worth curves, extrapolated into the future.

Exponential time-to-double = 608 days

Did you get anything out of this?  Then write to me.

I got this idea from Sam "Abulsme" Minter.  He has lots of interesting stuff on his web site, abulsme.com.

Last updated: December 31, 2009